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KEY DATES - Term 4, Monday 26 February 2018 to Thursday 29 March

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Sixth Form Parents' Evening

Group Photos (Y7 & Y11)

Year 11 Parents' Evening (see What's On)

Career & Jobs Fair (see What's On)

Y8 & Y9 Girls HPV Vaccine

Year 8 "Options" Evening

Last Day of School

Bank Holidays

Monday 26 February

Wednesday 14 March, 4 to 7pm

Thursday 15 March

Wednesday 21 March

Wednesday 21 March

Tuesday 27 March

Wednesday 28 March  moved to Wed 2 May

Thursday 29 March

Friday 30 March & Monday 2 April

KEY DATES - Term 4, Monday 26 Februrary 2018 to Thursday 29 March

Back to School

Vaccinations Y9 girls and boys

Y8 "Options" Evening

Bank Holiday (School Closed)

Y9 Parents' Evening

Last Day of School

Back to School

Monday 16 April

Monday 30 April

Wednesday 2 May

Monday 7 May

Wednesday 23 May

Friday 25 May

Monday 4 June


What's On




Wednesday 21 March 2018

Year 11 parents and students are invited to the Year 11 "Revision Ready" evening which runs alongside our Jobs & Careers Fair which is open to all years and families.

Year 11: for more information, click on the image below to read the Bulletin about this special evening.

Jobs & Careers Fair: This event is open to all. Over 25 local employers will be on hand to talk about a range of career opportunities within construction, public services, hospitality and creative industries to name but a few. Click on the image below to enlarge. Click here to view the letter of invitation to parents (all years).


Wednesday 2  May 2018

Click on the image below for more information.