Each Year Group has a Vice Principal, and you are more than welcome to arrange to meet with them to discuss your child's progress. Due to teaching and management demands on their time, it will be necessary to phone beforehand to arrange a convenient appointment time. You can do this by calling the Academy's switchboard or via email to the relevant Vice Principal by clicking on the links below.

Year 7 - Mr Cook

Year 8 - Mr Elland

Year 9 - Ms Kelly

Year 10 - Mr Simmons

Year 11 - Miss Stopard

Sixth Form - Ms Yarnall

Inclusion - Mrs Wallis


Your Child's Report

We know that our parents have an invaluable role in their child’s success.  To enable us to support your child’s best achievement, we need to work in close partnership.

At first glance, our reports may seem confusing with lots of information, numbers and letters.  We will do our very best to make sure you understand this information and what it means for your child’s success.  If you have any concerns with your child’s report, please contact their tutor (their name is on the report) and they will be happy to help.

As your child progresses through the year groups, you will find that the reports change to reflect the information that you need at that time.

A guide to understanding your child’s report can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Changes to GCSEs

You may know that the GCSE grades are changing from a letter to number grade. For more information on the new system, please click here.