Business in Classrooms (project in development)

Business in classrooms ambassadors from 4 city schools, Bulwell Academy, Nottingham Academy, Farnborough & Djanogly City Academy are working together with four Nottingham businesses, Nottingham City Homes, Capital One, British Gypsum and Lloyds Banking Group on a careers project with a difference.  The project is due to begin in the summer term of 2016 and is still in development.

One representative from each school will spend a day in each business before returning to their respective schools to launch a ‘Business in Classrooms’ project for year 8 pupils (students aged between 12 and 13 years). 

Supporting learning choices:

Choosing GCSE and study options takes place in year 8 or year 9 in schools across the City.  The decision regarding when students take their options choices is in line with each school’s curriculum delivery model.

Completing this project in the summer term before returning in year 9 to either choose their GCSE options or begin their studies is ideal timing.  Those schools where students have made their GCSE options are aware that students may change their minds and will be able to support any revised choices.

We aim to give pupils something to think about over the summer holidays by providing them with the opportunity to research four local employers in depth by completing a 6 week programme on one of the four businesses. 

Building Teacher Knowledge:

Ideally, throughout the day teachers will get chance to spend time in four different areas of the business to give them a good overview of how the business works, the company ethos and aims, different departments, the variety of roles within the company and benefits of working for the business.  The following plan gives a suggested structure for the day, please feel free to adapt where necessary.

After the visit, the Student Project:

On returning to their school the teacher will lead a whole year project to develop student understanding of how businesses are structured and the range of different jobs which will be open to them when they leave school.  Under the guidance of a teacher who has a clear understanding of the business partner, students will research the business and give a presentation to an invited audience about their findings and promote the business to a future workforce. 

Each participating school’s year group will be divided four ways; one for each business.  It is planned that the whole year group will focus on all the business partners in the group.

School Partners

Djanogly City Academy

Farnborough Academy

The Bulwell Academy

The Nottingham Academy

Business Partners

British Gypsum

Capital One

Lloyds Banking Group

Nottingham City Homes

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