Academy Policies & Important Documents

Academy Policies

The Bulwell Academy has policies to cover a wide range of issues. For further information please contact

Title Link
Admissions Policy 2016-2017 Download
Attendance Policy July 2015 (currently being reviewed June 2017) Download

Anti-Bullying Policy (Sept 2016)

Behaviour Management Policy (currently being reviewed Feb 2017) Download
Child Protection, Safeguarding & Training Policy (Revision Date: Sept 2016) Download
Complaints Procedure Download
Drugs, Alchol and Tobacco Policy (April 2015) Download
Health & Safety Policy (Jan 2015) Download
Home Learning 2016 (replaces Homework Policy 2008) Download
Homophobic Language - Guidance Download
Incidents of a Race Hate nature (information for parents) Download
Inclusion & Special Educational Needs / Disabilities (SEN/D) Policy
(Final Version December 2014)
Pupil Premium Spending Link
Proactively Tackling Bullying (information for parents) Download
Vision Statement (last reviewed October 2015) Download

Important Documents

Title Link
After School Activities Summer 2017 Download
Free School Meals Link
Exam Timetable and Revision Timetables Link
The Home - Academy Agreement & "Behaviour 1-2-3" Rules & Expectations Download
Homework Strategy Download
School Uniform Requirements & School Clothing Allowance Link
Student Data Form - Updating the Academy with key contact details and change of address, etc. Download
Student Possessions Link
Structure of the Academy learning day (2016-2017) Download
Term Dates 2016-2017 Download
Term Dates 2017-2018 Download

CCTV Surveillance within the Academy

The Academy has a large number of surveillance cameras in place across the campus to ensure the safety of all our students, staff and visitors. These cameras also monitor and track student behaviour. Whilst these are not constantly watched, these cameras provide evidence to identify negative behaviour and will be used as part of the disciplinary procedure. Where a student causes damage to school, the Academy will pass any repair costs on to the parent/carer.

CCTV Systems on Public Transport

To address safety issues that arise on school children’s journeys to and from school, Nottingham City Transport and the Nottingham Tram operators will be using full CCTV coverage of these journeys to minimise any behaviour that could affect the safety of school children or other passengers.
CRB checked officers from these companies can show the footage to staff at schools. Where a matter is deemed to be a crime or an assault, the police will be involved. The type of behaviour the companies will bring to the Academy’s attention could be, for example, tampering with safety equipment, running around, annoying other passengers.


Key Dates

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Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs / Disabilities (SEND)

The Academy offers an extensive range of support for students with special educational needs / disabilities, and guidance for parents. For further information please contact Ms C Wallis, Vice Principal for Inclusion.

Our policy on Inclusion & Special Educational Needs / Disabilities can be downloaded above (see Academy Policies). We also have a dedicated web page - please click here to be taken to Inclusion - Learning for All (SEND).

How to find the School

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